Free Course : Transmuting Sexual Distortions

Free Course I created on the topic of Sexuality. [Sacred Sexuality and Distorted Sexuality]. The course outline is below. This course is intended to shift us into being more comfortable with embodying our own sexuality. You can watch this course with the intention of embodying your own inner sexuality, or you can watch this course for a partner that you are connected with.  A lot of times, (regardless of your physical identification), our feminine energy is afraid to come out when it comes to sex, and when it's afraid, it disconnects us from our sensuality, creativity, and sexuality. 

(*This course is not on healing from sexual trauma or sexual abuse. This is about sexual energy).


Course Outline

I. What are Sexual Distortions? 

II. Recognizing our own Distortions

III. Clearing our Distortions

IV. Healing with the Mother (Fem. Energy)

V. Healing with the Father (Mas. Energy)

VI. Healing with our Yourself

VII. Healing with your Partner

VIII. Healing with the (Inner) Child

Optional [Coming Soon]

I. Fear of Sex 

II. Sex Addictions

III. Spirituality, Enlightenment, and Sex

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