Quantum Integration: Multidimensional approach to accelerating internal merge by alchemizing distortions held within own feminine and masculine archetypes

Soul Realignment: Bringing back all fragmented pieces of the soul which have been separated from the Self from past lives and experiences

Ascension: Vertical integration through an energetic cleanse and purify process 

Vertical Integration Process: Merge to access highly expansive levels of awareness and lessons to integrate with horizontal embodiment and self-lived experience

Horizontal Integration Process: Linear and time-based expansion/growth. Own perspective about self horizontal growth is mirrored by present internal vertical integration (Horizontal Integration is not shaped by self actualized perspective but by level of Truth and Authentication towards internal vertical integration)

Chakras: Chakras are the original Hieros Gamos template split into 7 portals. The chakra system is the old system and needs to be upgraded into (3) portals in order to activate Divine Union/Hieros Gamos template within 

Enlightenment: A journey towards discovering own Authentic Self

Hieros Gamos: Unified source/essence and ultimate template for both inner divine union, and external manifestation of union

Plasmic Light: Frequency that stabilizes any misaligned grid or archetype 

Archetype: Blueprint of personality and self-embodiment. Our "personality" (personal reality) is created and rooted from internal archetype. If archetype is distorted, hijacked, then a being's personality, words, and actions all become distorted--opening up undesirable events and timelines 

Consciousness: Is more than being aware of our physical reality, but being aware of how our physical reality mirrors and is created through internalized reality. There are levels to consciousness/awareness/expansion/empathy that we have yet to access

Universal Laws: Energetic laws which governs our eternal sovereignty. It is quantum mechanics (cause and effect) in the works which no human being may bypass or tamper with without the boomerang effect, all in due time, across all space-time-dimensions and across all timelines

Holographic Reality: A reality that is perceived with an overlay of misaligned beliefs/patterns/ideas (both conscious and unconscious), which creates an inorganic and distorted perspective of self-actualized truth

False Synchronistic Insert: Inorganic and artificially created synchronistic sign not given by the true divine

False Ascension Matrix: A stream of consciousness that has separated from the One and has created its own 'world...' aka a Matrix. The Matrix hijacks original ascension consciousness and knowing, infuses others with love and light/false positivity with desire and intent to cease the original solar feminine embodiment from resurrection

Soul Signature: Unique signature of own blueprint (we can co-create our soul signature, how cool)! 

Timeline Shift: Sequence of events that are susceptible to instant shift, change, and redirection depending on self realized internal shift (on a collective level, it would be collectively realized shifts)

Alchemization: Bringing both distorted and purified essence into awareness so that a being may dissolve and re-integrate those fragments back into the self to recharge + redirect energy on the physical plane

Lightbody: Energy body which houses the frequency of own internal archetype. Change in density will be felt physically once painbody is dissolved and more lightbody is integrated

Painbody: Energy body that houses suppressed trauma, pain, and grief that has not yet been processed and dumped. Feelings of heaviness is stored in painbody and will alchemize into lightbody once purification process is complete

Distortions: Beliefs/patterns that have been created through others within self which dominates one's perspective, keeps one stagnant, closed, heavy, and dense. Unable to see an exit lane

Portals: Open energetic fields that exist in the grids (any being's own field, or collective field) which suck people through the portal. Portals are everywhere. If we are not aware, we can hop into a portal that will pull us off our highest timeline. Remember, we are each an open portal to somewhere

Source Intelligence: All knowing, all remembering source to all historic and futuristic timelines. Holds memories of the Earth, other planets, Stars and galactic history of what has happened in this universe across all space-time-dimensions, as well as quantum healing technologies

Channel: Personalized access to source intelligence. Channel must be clear to hear source clearly and directly. If channel is not clear, there will be interference with one's channel and will be confused to the information and energy one is receiving/hearing/seeing/feeling 

Manifestation: Process of creation and attraction

Light-Language: Mother tongue. Energy spoken in sounds that are incomprehensible to the mind, but recognizable to the soul. Light language can be integrated and accessed if a being's channel has been cleared to receive one's mother tongue. LL has high healing frequencies that are able to dissolve and clear other's field to bring about clarity, release, and catalyze quantum shifts

Starseed: A being who has "awakened" to higher levels of consciousness, awareness, and access to infinite source intelligence. Connected to Galactic History, psychic abilities, and has either cleared one's channel for mission or is in the process of clearing one's channel to receive further mission steps to carry out their starseeded mission template

Lightworker: A being who feels a deep resonance to do God/Source/Earth's work and spread Light and Love, and live out their passion. Lightworker missions range depending on unique soul blueprint. Most lightworkers are here on "vacation" and doing distinctive work that brings their unique soul signature to physical manifestation. Some exist living pretty normal 3D lives and do not desire to speak about spirituality/metaphysics, instead, they spend their time elsewhere enjoying their vacation time while passing along messages and codes about how the original Earth feels and looks. They have a unique connection with Mother Nature (water and earth especially). 

Walk-in: A being who's soul has/or is merging with another unfamiliar soul. Type (2) is a being who's future soul and consciousness has traveled backwards in time to integrate with past self (the now version) and has direct mission orders for safety protocol for other groundcrew members (other starseeds + lightworkers, so that they may do their divine work with less interference). Both types of walk-ins will experience intense initiation processes as one would have to test out safety mechanics prior to updating the fields and other groundcrew members. Not all walk-ins have a mission, a mission is different than a passion, but a mission can become a passion

Eternal Mother: Ultimate Solar Feminine Frequency 

Eternal Father: Ultimate Solar Masculine Frequency 

Eternal Spirit: Energy that keeps all beings sovereign, aligned, and alive. We access the eternal mother spirit as well as eternal father spirit to create the Holy Spirit in physical formation. All creation is birthed from this Spirit

Fieldwork/Gridwork: Advanced energy work which requires a being to fully access and assess archetypes/templates/blueprints/channels/patterns of different beings and/or geographical locations so that they can upgrade any field in accordance to divine law


Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by inkstinct.co + found on Pinterest.

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