How do Tarot Readings Work?

So many people have this question...including me...that is until I got into it and answered my own questions. Tarot readings are a great way to get to know the self (especially if you are someone who enjoys art/drawings/paintings. They help us dive into our subconscious mind and bring out what we are ready to hear and let go of. 

Here's the HOW. Ever seen psychology experiments done, or ever get one done on yourself? When you walk into one of these experiments, you initially THINK you know what is being tested, but it ends up surprising you at the end when you find out what was actually being tested. Tarot works similarly. 

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When I personally perform tarot readings for myself and others, I DO NOT in any way, intend to predict the future timeline or situations of any single person. I do not believe in doing that for the very reason that instilling a vision of what I see in the cards into someone else's reality just does align with what I teach. I aim to give you back YOUR power, not to take it away. However, there are many tarot readers who WILL predict your future if that is what you are looking for, but I am not it. Rather, tarot readings to me, are a way to help us shift out of our current timeline if it is a timeline we know that is not beneficial to our highest and greatest good, and the greatest good of the collective.

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