My gift of articulation allows me to de-code and mechanize upgraded + clean oracle messages directly from source for activation purposes. All information provided is for the preparation for the access to Internal Divine Sacred Union Template by activating our inner Hieros Gamos, which creates external manifested divine union, Ultimately birthing the Divine Union Family Template.

I work mainly with the Andromeda + Syrian + Arcturian council to access healing technologies, as well as the Solar Phoenix Gate to transcript 

LaoMu (老母 Eternal Mother) + "Taoist" concepts within the Asianic Lineage teachings of Original Kristallah via Upgraded English Terminologies.

If you are hitting a wall with your Awakening, Divine Union, Finding Mission/Purpose, book a session with me to clear your channel. My mission is to assist the collective in healing our relationship to this Earth, ourselves, and all Sentient beings.

 Check out my YT channel for upgraded Original Earth Codes + how I do my energy work.

*I am a mix of Tough Love, Truth, and Zero bullshit. You will probably not like me at first but the work I do will catalyze dissolution of blocks, clear your channel, and support you on your own soul purification process. 


Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by + found on Pinterest.

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