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Make a commitment to yourself, that each and every moment, you will commit to just ONE thing, choose one or create your own statement: 

- Self Love/Self care

- Your dreams, goals, and visions

- Embracing Choice and Freedom
- Healing inner woundings/trauma/hurt/heartbreaks

- Collapsing out scarcity templates

- Breaking own barriers

- Cultivating aligned routine

- Unplugging from habit and over-comfortability

- Allowing yourself to BE comfortable

- Trying new things, meeting new people

- Intimacy with Self 

- Cultivating presence

- Letting go of the things and people you settled for

- Starting over when it just doesn't feel right anymore...even if it is painfully scary

- Being okay when you are wrong

- Consistent Self reflection and forgiveness

- Expanding your heart, expanding your mind, expanding your Love

- Cultivating connection with source intelligence/God/Prime creator/ (or with the version of yourself you don't show anyone)

- Strive to be a better version of self while loving ourselves as all are, simultaneously, in flow

Commitment, is a choice, that must be given Freely and willingly, through our hearts ~

Surrender to your journey...and remember to cry a lot, laugh a lot, smile a lot, frown a lot...

Regardless of where you are, you are powerful ~ ... well, we all know we are powerful...but it is how we show up and utilize that power which reminds us of the reasons we are here. Much Love ~

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