1 hour Quantum Healing for Sacral Plasma. Recommended for beings who have experienced sexual numbness (either emotional or actual physical numbness in your sexual organs), inability to connect with an external partner, painful sexual encounters, have had numerous sexual partners and need energy clearings--this is the session for you.This will clear our any blockages that are keeping you stuck and unable to have a true organic yummy sexual experience, and will connect you more closely to your own physical vessel. You will purge during and after b/c this session is intense! (For both Men + Women).

*** This session is not for healing intense sexual trauma as that would take more than just (1) one session to clear fully down to its root. If this is something you want to clear--please email me for a free consult for my Quantum Activation (1) one month long container.

Please email etconscioushealing@gmail.com if the listed times do not work for you. I work in EST time.

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