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Work with me 1:1 for (3) Months

In this 3 months long container + medicine journey. We activate parts of your Lightbody and this container will come with emotional and possible physical purging, and is recommended for those who have gone through a Dark Night of the Soul/Ego experience, has had energy healing done, Shaman retreats, or have gotten my single sessions prior. You will not like me very much because of the intensity, but it will be worth it. We will also remove False Light Templates + Negative Entities/Curses, Dark Matter + AI implants + Dark Mother Templates. Whatever is housed in your field that needs to be alchemized. This is a COMMITMENT to the Self--not Me.

This is a 3 month long container so you will have access to me via email for the entirety. Each container includes 4 calls (First 3 are each one hour and the last one is 30 min) via Zoom. In our last session, we will ground in your Diamond Lotus Lightbody and all you have to do is receive the energy work. We also access your own divine blueprint and build the architecture to give you clarity on your mission.

*** Recommended for someone who is familiar with doing the work and is looking to up their game to the next level in their ascension/awakening process. This is a commitment to yourself, so no wishy washy energy otherwise we enter self-sabotage.

Please email: to schedule a free 15 minutes consultation. Will only be approved if there is a resonance with our energetic fields and a dedication from you to doing the work. Remember, we (Me and You) show up to this one month long container together!


* This session is not recommended to anyone who has never received any kind of healing work prior. This work with me will be intense because we are going to get deep into your triggers, wounding, and healing the Mother + Father wounds.

If you being guided to this experience, please let me know.

Your session will be approved if there is a resonance to working together.

*Check out my single sessions here


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