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Chakra Portal Activation (FREE)


    This is a full Quantum Merge + In-depth Webinar about the Chakra Portals

    - Restarts Merge of Chakras from Blockage(s) into Unified Essence (HierosGamos) at a Quantum Speed 

    - Clear lack/scarcity templates

    - Clear negative bonds/attachments/entities

    - Activates own inner knowing of Chakra Portals/Energy Portals 

    - Activate physical density clearing 

    - Video Format


    *** You will feel exhaustion/dehydration/emotional purging. Be gentle, rest, and drink extra water. 


    * You will see a shift in own reality a week from receiving and watching this. This is a 3 in 1 (activation+clearing+webinar) because the codes I provide are Quantum Codes krystallized by Solar Plasma. You will begin to hear/see/feel your own downloads/codes, learn how to restart own inner merge if you come across attacks/blocks/entity attachments, and clear own lack/scarcity templates and unplug from the False Time Matrix Timelines as well as gaining new access points to collective grids. 


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