Image found on Pinterest by Wattpad. 

Central Prism House Clearing

  • - Installation of Central Prism House Clearing Technology

    - Re-grids the house/room (where ever you decide to place the central prism) 

    - Clears spacial frequency and brings it back to balance and flow

    - Dissolves attachments to house/room

    - Upgrades house shield 

    - Catalyze Divine Family Union Blueprint

    - Downloadable MP3 format

    *** If you have any issues downloading or accessing the MP3 file, please email me and let me know **


    *** 7-14 days after receiving this installation, will experience unstabalized energies arising from home grids. After this installation, an attack usually happens so be aware and connect to the central prism whenever you feel an attack coming in, do NOT be fed into the games and remember what you installed.


Credit for Artwork and photos on this site are by + found on Pinterest.

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