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Ascension refers to the process of individually and collectively embodying unity consciousness/original source code in its entirety. This process utilizes 3D mind-heart consciousness to neutralize darker energies being held within, (anything our Egoic consciousness holds onto), and alchemizes them through an intense purge and purify process. After the purge and purify process, the alchemized essence (soul-cells) integrate directly with the physical vessel, which further activates/rehabilitates our original DNA strand to begin the transition to our light-body (or return of light-body), where our bodies are naturally able to materialize/de-materialize/teleport/levitate/photosynthesize...but now since we collectively exist in lower density realms, we cannot, and so if we cannot do so, it means we have DNA rehabilitation to work on. This work decreases physical density so we are able to embody this pure energy to consciously exist in the physical plane of existence and experience life beyond the normal five senses. If our bodies & subtle bodies are too heavy and is holding dark matter/attached with dark matter, the soul sells cannot reach the body to integrate. This process is not an overnight process and can be extremely exhausting and emotionally demanding. To go through this process, your higher-self will ensure you are prepared for the journey and there will be no shortcuts for anyone. This is more than meditation, journaling, and being peaceful. This is REAL INTERNAL WORK. Shortcuts are what false guides use to pull us into dysfunction and astral bliss to prevent others from doing the real inner work and Ascending. This is both a journey of own spiritual evolution as well as returning the essence of Humanity by awakening certain templates within our own selves that have been dormant for too long, to bring back true compassion and heart-based living, to free own consciousness and reclaim own sovereign power as a human being on this planet.

My mission is to support and guide beings who struggle with finding tools that work for the Self to create internal shifts, and bring back fragmented pieces of consciousness back into beingness--all fragmented pieces of consciousness converge and emerge as one.

Complete and total surrendering to what is...our re-evolution. We are in this together, doing the inner work together, and supporting each other along the way, so I'll add a bit of Humor here and there:) I face my own shadows, mirror, patterning and triggers and provide what has assisted me in shifting out of any of the things that may come up for me. 

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