Zero Point Frequency

When the #embodiment of pure #divine source energy first enters your vessel, you will begin to feel a level of peace you have never felt before, and it will feel good. It will feel like nothing in the universe can penetrate through your field because you have entered no mans land. Something you have never felt this deeply before. The zero point #frequency.

Zero Frequency is a frequency that is available to every single being, it's just a matter of tuning into this frequency in order to experience it. However, not everyone is able to consciously embody zero frequency from a #multidimensional level because the zero point frequency (aka no mans land) is very intriguing to the ego, it lures the ego in. It is the place where nothing can get hurt. (The ego doesn't like to be hurt)! So the ego is safe here.

Divine source, prime creator, God, the Lord, The One, whatever you want to call it--acknowledges that evil does indeed exist in the world. That getting hurt, experiencing trauma, etc., cannot be avoided, so this field is available to anyone who needs a break from all the noise.

But being a 'safe' haven isn't what the zero point frequency was designed for, it has another purpose. This frequency is available as a place to think and feel into what it is we wish to create and #manifest, with zero distractions and intense focus, so you can finally be on the way to living life the way you deserve to.

It is also a place where we can feel to heal with no shame, no guilt, no criticism, and no outer voices. It is a gift, so please don't abuse the gift.

All my Love,


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