Your Spiritual Journey is Now

Updated: May 5

If you're searching, #praying, and hoping for something or someone to 'fix' your life...or seeking your next journey...then, my love, you are not being presently aware, and you are not fully consciously here. Because your #Spiritual Journey is happening NOW, whether or not you want to accept, experience, or join in on it, it's still going to happen. How? Because the truth will always be the truth regardless of who believes it. The truth does not need belief, it is only asking for #acceptance.

If you're hopelessly trying to search for answers to a situation and frustrated out of your mind, you may be creating resistance to the answer from presenting itself to you. The answer is sometimes so simple that we fail to see it because we want to believe that the answer is much more complex...strange, isn't it?

I agree that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but so often we also forget that we are also a human being having a spiritual experience. The Human experience IS the spiritual experience. WHAAA?! We are #multidimensional beings who just...exist. And to be able to feel, witness, and experience both of these at the same time, is a feeling I want to share because it just feels so damn good. Because truth feels good. #Truth soothes. And Truth makes you smile like a god damn idiot.

I am here to tell you that whatever experience you are having, try not to label it as 'good' or 'bad,' just simply let it be. The experience will not be just an 'easy ride,' in it, you will feel happiness, joy, pain, sorrow, anger, madness, frustration, deceit, betrayal, loyalty, grief, and just about anything else you can think of with the nicest cherry on top. But the outcome of this experience is to be cherished because it was unique to you.

All my Love,


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