Your Fear is Valid

Whatever fear you have--whether it ranges from being #fearful of getting on a bike again, or fear of being #intimate with another--these fears of yours, no matter how small or large--are all valid. They are all apart of your story. Recognize your fears, #acknowledge your fears, and love your fears--by loving them--you will receive the answer on how to un-shackle yourself from them.

You are not your fears, and your fears are not you. But they will always be apart of you because what is more important than your story in this moment now--will be your story on how you worked through your deepest darkest fears. On what #mountains you had to climb to work through them, what battles you had to face, when were the times you wanted to give up on yourself so badly you #prayed for it all to end--just to find out--that there is no end. If we want an ending, we're going to have to close it out ourselves. We have to write our ending and give ourselves a fresh start.

Your fears are not #evil, they are not your #enemy. Your fears lead you to find out the amount of power you hold--if only we would first become honest with ourselves about every little thing we are afraid of...and the things we are afraid to admit we are afraid of.

Let me know your thoughts!


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