You and I are a Team...Can you see the Silver Lining?

"There's no I in team"... Can this be MORE 'WRONG'? (Well, not wrong...just misunderstood).

What has come up in my reality a lot are those who say we have to work as a team, and those who say that ourselves that are the most important. But I're both right. Let me explain...

Without the individual, there is NO TEAM. A team is made up of multiple individuals. Without the singular, the plural does not exist. So can you see the silver lining? Yes, I agree it's so important to know how to work as a team. But it is EQUALLY as important to know how to operate as an individual as well. It's vital for each individual to take care of themselves so they can be apart of a 'team' or a partnership.

And it's also understandable that a team gets upset if one of their team members aren't cooperating because the chain is only as strong as the weakest link. When one member is down, the entire team is in danger as well.

So next time when you are disagreeing or having negative thoughts and feelings about another person....remember...that they are your teammate in this world. Understand the person, understand yourself, see the silver lining, and make decisions that align with YOU and no one else! YOU are important, but our TEAM is important too. Without you, there is no us. Without us, we'd be nonexistent.

Love & Light,


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