Why You're Hurt

"Hurting and falling are all apart of the process; it's temporary, not forever." - etconscioushealing

When we feel hurt, it's good to know where this feeling came from and to take care of the hurt as you would a scrape on your knee.

Think about your first ever scrape and how it happened. Most likely...you didn't even know that it was going to happen and it caught you off guard. You cried a bit. Someone cleans it and it hurts like sh*t, bandaids it, you pick the scabs, gets infected, but it eventually heals. This is similar to an emotional hurt. Now, just as a physical wound can also never heal (if it's not taken care of properly), it's the same with the emotional hurt.

Time does not heal all wounds. It also has to be treated correctly and given the time and space to heal.

The feeling of #emotional hurt gets #triggered when someone says/does something to us that catches us off our guard. It was unexpected. Maybe someone did something you trusted them not to do. Maybe it's constant betrayal. And you end up getting hurt. If you're tired of feeling this way, it might be time to re-examine why these people who hurt you are relevant in your life and figure out a way to release that experience.

Allow this to help you: We'll only be hurt when we've attached ourselves to an expectation. Maybe you expected something not to happen and put all your eggs in a basket....in the 'they definitely won't hurt me' basket. But when they do, all your eggs are now gone. It's certainly a great feeling to expect something, to just know and not have to worry, but if you're tired of feeling hurt by those around you, it's important to learn how to not expect anything from anyone other than yourself...unless you are someone who is ready to detach from the hurt. Sometimes, we aren't ready yet and it's okay to be in that place. I invite you release the thought that it somehow makes you less than what you are. It does not. Admitting this makes us stronger and more aware of ourselves.

If you just don't want to feel hurt anymore or experience that in your reality, I invite you to sit with your hurt, ask your hurt questions as if it was a person. Ask the hurt what it needs to move on, to heal, how to clean the wound, how much time it needs, what and who it needs to stay away from, etc. You have to sit with your wound and allow it time to recover and heal and #surrender...no more fighting/getting sad/angry/etc., the battle is making you tired. Feel what you feel and let it go. And if you don't know how to heal it, research ways yourself on how you want to heal, don't listen to other people and what their suggestions are. Always do your own research and follow your intuition from that energy. Don't follow your #intuition if you have not done your own research for YOURSELF! To know the facts yourself.

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With Love & Light,


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