• Emily

Why is Healing so Tiring?

Updated: May 6

Isn't healing supposed to make us feel more empowered, more energized, more confident? Why is it so difficult and tiring?

Healing is not easy, as many on the ascension path have experienced and or are experiencing. Even receiving an energy session will cause you to become more exhausted (at first). And here is why. We are energetic beings, we have an energy field around the each of us and it is why we can 'sense' when someone is in the room or if we are alone. When you are receiving an energy session, energy around you is literally being shifted and moved and it is something your body isn't used to so it can be uncomfortable. When energies shift, it causes turbulence and moments where we can feel unstable and ungrounded. When force is being applied to an object (i.e. a basketball is thrown forcefully onto the ground, it bounces and bounces and bounces) the object has been moved out of its control. Then slowly, the object's movement starts slowing down, slowing down, more and more and finally becomes stable in it's environment. (The basketball is grounded once again).

The same happens within each individual's energetic field. When this energy is being moved, it causes emotional instability, painful and uneasy feelings are brought to surface for the person to recognize, to become aware, to be witnessed so it can then be transcended and brought into the light.

Many people who receive energy sessions can confirm that they become more emotionally vulnerable and become susceptible to crying, to becoming angry and irritated before they are calm. This is only allowing your energetic field to revamp itself if you will. And all of this crying and anger is tiring for anyone--both physically and emotionally. So if you find yourself getting tired during healing and energy sessions, know that this is completely normal so don't let it dictate how you will move forward. Instead, also look at is as the beginning of settling down, coming more into alignment with your true-self. Take the rest you are guided to take. Healing takes time, you will heal in your own timeline, not someone else's timeline.

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