Whole Heart

If you do something, do it with your whole heart. Give it your all. Ignite what you do with passion, fire, and always tend to the beautiful heat of your creation. If you choose to Love, Love with all you've got, because Love cannot be experienced to the depthness it wishes to let you in without you doing so. Let go of what is preventing you from Loving with the entirety of you, to stop giving crumbs and pieces of you to beings who don't even want a taste. If you wish to give--give all of you. Dedicate. Commit. Surrender. Love so deeply that you forget the possibility of losing what you have. Go all in in your experience and experience the depth of what Love wants to offer. Love is a journey, and you are Love. To Love the Self, is to Love the journey, even with the cracks and holes, pains and scars, tears and snot. For to fully surrender to another being is to give one your all, your full self, to love them through their experience + gift another the chance to Love you through yours.

Fear will always linger, because that is also part of the gift. The Fear, if harnessed in a healthy way, will always push one to get up when they fall, and rise to where one rightfully belongs. Do not allow Fear to Control, allow it to Drive. We are allowed to choose who and what we give ourselves to. So stop loving half heartedly, stop doing things that do not spark inner joy and passion, stop surrounding the Self with beings who half-ass everything. There is no time for that. Presence. Awareness. A loving pure heart are all we need, yet we have been depleted of such. A whole heart knows the possibility of pain, and knows the journey of what Love entails, knows that the boat will be rocked at times...but will still sail like the Fear does not exist.

Much Love,


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