When Responsibility Seems Scary

Being responsible for ourselves is actually innate. We don't need to learn how to be responsible. This -skill- has to now be taught because we have been living in a very inorganic construct of reality, where the responsibilities we face on a daily are just man-made responsibility. Pay your bills, go to school, learn this, learn that, do this, do that.

When we can barely be responsible for ourselves, or we are still learning how to take care of ourselves--there is no way for us to want to be remotely responsible for others outside of ourselves. This is such a scary thing to come to terms with, but realizing this is quickest way for us make the shift.

I noticed, that only when we have no other choice but to care for another being (whether that be a little animal or another human being), will we begin to realize our resistance towards greater responsibility. And it is also when we are shown who we truly are. So we begin to fear it, despise it. Never admitting that taking responsibility is one of our deepest fears. But know this--we will always be in the process of learning how to be responsible, because our responsibilities are always changing--adapt to flow with the changes.

It is only in the midst of having no choice but to face responsibility, whether it is for ourselves, or for another--will we meet disappointment in the eye, amplifying, our fear of responsibility. But it is not responsibility we fear. It is disappointment. It is disappointing another being...and disappointing ourselves. So we push responsibility away. If we have no responsibility, we would never have to meet disappointment. Because responsibility and disappointment, go hand in hand.

When responsibility seems scary--it's time to reprioritize. Take on what you can handle and be honest with what you are able to help with. Never take on more than you believe you can handle--otherwise, disappointment really will come and teach a lesson.

Let me know your thoughts.

Much Love,


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