What's your Silver Lining?

"Investment is sacrifice. Sacrifice is investment." - etconscioushealing

If you cannot find the silver lining in your experience, it's time to learn how to create one. Otherwise, your goals will run further and further away from you.

Think about a goal you have. I am telling you, you CAN achieve it...and there are only two simple structures to accept and follow:

  • Dedicate to sacrificing some time for this goal (Investing in yourself)

  • ZERO EXCUSE POLICY. [Aka, taking full responsibility when you slack off]

That's all. Simple. Are you willing to sacrifice your time to achieve it? Are you willing to make an investment in yourself? How badly do you want it? It's going to take your dedication, vision, and complete trust no matter what your goal is.

When we set out to manifest something, the energy works along with us. So if we're unwilling to move and take action with the energy, nothing will happen. But when we're so completely dedicated in knowing what we want that we're willing to sacrifice for it because we know it'll be WORTH IT...that we're doing it for OURSELVES because we love ourselves so much...this is where we will find our inner power. Where our returns on our own investments will be restored back to us in due time. We don't even question it or flinch because we trust the process so freely.

If you want something bad enough, you will jump through hoops if necessary to accomplish it. And if you don't know how to jump hoops, you will be willing to learn. Because you can see the silver lining, you can see the worth, you can see the light when its dark, and when you can't, you can turn on yours. You can see the vision of your future. And when that vision finally hits your reality...the high you will feel will be indescribably ecstatic...simply because you allowed the anticipation to grow. This is the high people chase and never really catch...

Sometimes...we place our worth on having experiences and objects that don't really benefit us. When the real worth is sacrificing and investing in ourselves. We...are the real experience we desire. It's already here.

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With Love & Light,


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