• Emily

What is Light Language and what does it do?

Updated: May 6

Light Language is known as the 'language of the soul.' It speaks directly to our physical and spiritual bodies, thus it is understood by ALL on a SOUL and HEART level. Our limited human brains do not understand what is being said, but our heart and soul understands. This language has a specific frequency to it and is understood by our DNA.

So what does Light Language do? Since light language is understood by our DNA, it can begin the process of self-healing, clearing chakras, releasing energetic blocks, activating psychic and spiritual gifts, the third eye, start the alignment of bringing individuals back to their true-self, and bringing others into beginning the path of ascension. This is an extremely powerful healing tool used by many healers and lightworkers who have this language activated within them. Everyone has this ability, but only some of us remember it. Light language healers are able to activate healing and eventually activate light language in another being, helping them remember that they too, have the ability to speak the language of our souls and the ability to self-heal.

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