• Emily

What are Vibrations?

In today's post, I'm going to discuss vibrations and what they are. Throughout our life, we find ourselves feeling different types of feelings and emotions depending on what it is we are doing or experiencing in that moment. Our feelings change throughout the day, week, months and years. Vibrations are the energies we embody and put out even if we try to 'hide' it, because energy...DOES...NOT...LIE! You can lie to others about what you are feeling, but there is no hiding it from yourself and the universe!!! :) When we operate on lower vibrations such as shame, guilt, apathy, grief, and fear, we block ourselves from feeling the present moment because we become 'contracted.' For some, this may be unconscious, of course. And on the other hand, when we feel higher vibrations such as love, joy, and peace, we are able to give from a genuine and authentic place without expecting anything back because there is so much expanded energy to give out and we want that higher vibrational energy to travel to everyone and everything.

This is not saying that operating on 'higher' vibrations is 'better.' It's not. Feeling lower vibrational energy is apart of the flow of life. Feeling these emotions are what makes us humans, humans. We can try to numb, distract, and prevent ourselves from 'feeling.' And we can try to force ourselves to feel peace in the moment. But when we do that, the lower vibrational energies WANT to be acknowledged, they want you to feel them, so they will stay with you until you do. It's not about preventing ourselves from pain, grief, fear, shame, etc, but to truly admit to ourselves what we are experiencing.

The important thing is to recognize and become aware of when we are feeling them and tuning into these lower vibrations, to find and discover what it is that is causing us to feel them, because when we become aware of them, we are able to transcend them and really begin to embrace the lower vibrations, to hug the those emotions and send it love. We aren't able to control how a certain situation or person makes us feel, we just feel what we feel. Life's challenges and successes comes in waves and these times are not something we can predict. Challenges happen out of the blue, and successes happen out of the blue. We have to learn how to ride the waves. We may fall, and we may start drowning. But how can we stop ourselves from drowning? By relaxing when we do fall into the water; isn't that how we float and tread water? By relaxing our tense and contracted selves. So how can we begin to learn how to accept (acceptance is 350 on the scale below) the current feeling or emotion we are feeling and begin to reason with it, befriend it. Try treating the emotion like another human being, your friend, your best friend. Ask your best friend--"Why are you feeling shame in this situation? Fear, grief, desire?" Question it. Question it down to the very core, understand it. Try to understand your best friend because your best friend is here to stay. Your emotions and how you feelings aren't going anywhere, they will be with you throughout your life here waiting for you to love and recognize it. Thank you for reading!

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