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The THROAT Chakra 💙 (Vishuddha)

Updated: May 6

The throat chakra is our fifth chakra, located around the center of our throats. As we move up the rainbow ladder, blue represents this chakra. It governs our ability to speak--aka the throat. The organs associated with this chakra are the thyroid, shoulders, neck, ears, and mouth.

The throat is our VOICE BOX! Literal functions of our ears and mouth are to LISTEN and SPEAK in a way where we do not feel fearful and tense up. (Tense shoulders). The ears and mouth both need to be working in balance. Funnily enough, there are people who listen to everybody and their opinions/judgements/criticisms and don't speak out about their own and set their boundaries, and then there are people who only speak without listening. This of course causes an imbalance within the throat chakra.

So how does this relate to our emotional throat chakra? We want to feel SAFE expressing what we have to say/feel and to be understood--not judged, criticized, shamed, or guilt-tripped. Because it's during these times when people overstep our boundaries and get all critical when we start to feel anger bubbling up. It's upsetting to see how when we express ourselves, people automatically get put down and someone out there ALWAYS has something negative to say before listening to the person's full story. We've created an environment where it has become scary for us to voice our concerns and where it's okay for people to speak without fully being in the moment and listening to another person, sometimes to the point of being verbally abuse and demanding and stepping over people's boundaries.

An over-active throat chakra results in an individual who is talks too much (blabber talker), poor listening skills, verbally abusive, critical, and possibly condescending and demanding.

An under-active throat chakra results in an individual who is afraid to use their voice box, introverted, shy, having trouble speaking his/her own truth, cannot verbally set boundaries because they are not comfortable expressing their own needs to others.

Physical symptoms from an imbalanced throat chakra are: thyroid issues, stiff/sore neck and shoulders, sore throat, laryngitis, earaches, dental and or mouth issues. There is just so much energy that isn't moving around in those areas and it is calling your attention when a physical symptom manifests into your reality.

Some physical activities you can do to balance out the throat chakra and get that energy flowing are eating blue foods, sound healing, singing, try activities where you have to keep your focus, laughing, screaming, and neck and shoulder massages.

Some emotional activities you can do are figuring out where in your life you are saying one thing and doing another. At what times do you truly wish to express something but don't due to that timid/shyer side of you. (Practice saying 'NO' in the mirror, look straight at yourself in the eyes. Maybe you're not comfortable saying that word or don't know how to say it at important times.) At what times are you not listening to others? (Perhaps others have mentioned to you this before but you weren't listening, haha. Becoming aware is the first and most crucial step). You can also try spending some time in silence which will help you learn more about yourself and your throat chakra. And remember for all you shyer people out there, not setting your boundaries will only attract people who don't know how to listen to you and respect your boundaries into your reality, you are only betraying yourself! And for all of those who tend to speak before listening, you're missing out on a lot of interesting things these people have to say, your loss ;)

Listen before speaking, and listen after speaking. If you want someone to listen to you, you must also listen to them--mutual respect my loves ~

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