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The THIRD-EYE Chakra 👁‍🗨 (Ajna)

Updated: May 6

The most well-known chakra--the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra can also be thought of as 'the mind's eye.' Yes, we all have a third eye that helps us unveil the truths and falsities in the current 3D reality we all chose to live in at this current time. However, whether a person wants to see and accept the truths and falsities that lie in front of him is up to the person--it's free-will and personal choice.

How does our emotional third eye connect with our physical third eye? Well, physically, when we have vision problems and headaches, we feel uncomfortable because we literally cannot see (it's blurry), or we just cannot focus because our heads hurt so much. Emotionally, when we are unable to see and truly ACCEPT the truth of what is in front of us, we get uncomfortable, we get antsy, and we simply just want to point out the LIE. (i.e. When a significant other cheats on his/her partner then chooses to disguise/hide the truth, the other party will more likely than not be able to sense that something is off).Emotionally, they will begin to feel a lack of respect from the partner who cheated. They then, will go off performing their daily routines thinking about the entire cheating situation, trying to rationalize, trying to understand what just happened and not believing in their own sensing that YES, a lie was told. Perhaps even to the point of justifying the cheating and lying action. And when this happens, it has no choice but to manifest as headaches (thinking too much, working too hard), or vision problems due to not seeing how things really are--this person was cheated on and lied to--that is the truth. Justifying and making up excuses WILL NOT take away the action of cheating. It still happened. And many times when individuals do not know how to set personal boundaries and follow through, will stay with the cheater even though deep down they feel remorseful and resentful, making up excuses about why the lie was told, betraying their own boundaries and needs to keep this cheater in their life. In a way, it is self-sabotaging. And believe me, I've been there. I've personally made up excuses for someone due to the fear of losing him, I wasn't resilient enough at the time to just leave or to speak my boundaries out loud even though I KNOW I was not being treated the way I wanted to be treated. And when the universe removed this relationship in my life (it did not work out), I thank the universe every day for putting me in a better place, even if there were some stormy weathers I had to bear alone, it was all worth it.

The physical organs that support this chakra are the pituitary, eyes, the skull and brows.

An over-active third-eye chakra can result in lacking judgement, no focus, hallucinations, and being out of touch with reality.

An under-active third-eye chakra can result in not being open to new ideas/visions, inflexibility with thinking, dependent on authority, not trusting own inner-voice/truth, anxious, living in the past or fearful of the future (aka not being present to witness all that is going on in front of them).

Some physical activities one can do to release physical tension is to meditate and contemplate. Watch videos that you normally would not and see if you are able to accept the ideas you are viewing as a possibility. [This does not mean one needs to follow what is being presented, rather to just think...hmm...maybe...it could be a possibility]. Eat more prunes, dates, blueberries, eggplant (foods of the purple/indigo/blue nature). Trying to quiet the mind and spending time alone with one's thoughts is extremely beneficial as well.

Some emotional activities one can do is to watch your thoughts and not identify with them. Ask yourself questions and reflect on what you are doing daily to increase self-awareness and trust within the self. Practice and hone your intuition (many ways to do this and I will write a post about this at a later date). Write down all of your thoughts and feelings in a private journal that is not shared with anyone (even a significant other) is an excellent tool to get started on increasing self-awareness.

There is a lot that goes on with this chakra and only exploring and getting to know the self will assist in the speed of opening up this chakra - since I know a lot of individuals are focused on strange practices to open it up. [But the question is, is your emotional and physical body ready to see what lies ahead? If we cannot accept simple truths that lie in front of us similar to the example I provided up earlier above, how can we expect the universe to show us even more truths?] I will be writing more posts that relate to this chakra so check back for more later!

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