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The SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra 💛 (Manipura)

Updated: May 6

The solar plexus chakra is the home to our masculine energy, our yang. How you choose to ACT based on how you FEEL. You can think of it relating to how willing, how confident, how secure we feel to present our true selves to the outer world. This chakra is located from your navel (belly button) up to your diaphragm. The physical anatomy includes mainly the digestive system, the pancreas, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, and the lower areas of our respiratory system. The color yellow is associated with this chakra. It is about doing, getting, and achieving. Compared to the sacral chakra (feminine energy, the yin) where it's about how we feel, the solar plexus is how we do based on those emotions we feel. The chakras are all connected just like the organs in our bodies. Each has a specific function that relates to the others.

How does our emotional solar plexus connect to our physical solar plexus? Physically, this chakra is about digestion, processing, and releasing. We eat, we digest and process the food, then we release the unnecessary remnants that we don't have to digest. And when one chooses or accidentally ingests unhealthy food, indulge in excess (i.e. alcohol), it can result in an upset stomach, unhealthy liver function, etc. Emotionally, we digest information (things people tell us, what we watch, learn, etc), we process that information, and what we choose to keep as useful information and useless information is up to the person. When someone chooses to listen and believe in negativity or non-beneficial information, un-motivating junk, this results in self-confidence issues and lessens willpower, causing one to hold back on how he or she chooses to express. Or one expresses oneself in an unhealthy manner that harms others. How we choose to react and let go of the unnecessary BS is also up to the person. [You are not just what you eat! You are also what you watch, what you learn, and how you do.]

When a person constantly gets put down, rejected, humiliated, criticized based on what they are doing, performing, and acting, it confuses the person to the point where they either 1. believe it, or 2. acts out aggressively because another person is judging their actions. This is an unhealthy masculine energy because the masculine energy in us is about movement and action in the 3D reality. Doing too little or doing too much. (Don't we all dislike it when we get judged on our actions?! We're all doing the best we can with what we have!)

An over-active solar plexus causes aggression, anger, overly criticizing (oneself or another), domineering, bossy, hungry for power, and sometimes even hatred for others due to a lack of compassion and believing that the world is out to get them because they feel threatened.

An under-active solar plexus results in low-self confidence, indecision, and lack of courage and willpower. Ultimately contracting and forcing oneself to fit into a 'box' to be accepted. Resulting in inaction and no personal power.

For example, a person feels threatened (feeling relates to the sacral chakra), their actions now (solar plexus = masculine energy = 3D actions) are based on that feeling. So how the person chooses to act is dependent on if their chakra is over-active or under-active.

When someone is too deep into believing what others are telling them, the physical symptoms begin to show itself. Ulcers, stomach pains, nausea, eating disorders, liver and kidney issues, asthma (this leads into the heart and throat chakra), all come from an affected solar plexus chakra. For example, when we are uncomfortable in an environment where we feel unaccepted, we tend to be hyper-aware of our actions and our words--so we become anxious and sometimes why little children have so many stomach pains and upsets! They're uncomfortable and their body is telling them so! On the other hand, a person can start not caring how they're acting or saying--leading to anger and hostility, choosing to act out (doing too much) to piss other people off because oneself is pissed off!

Signs of a healthy solar plexus chakra are: the willingness to believe in one's own ability, confident, taking responsibility, clarity in decision making, clarity of judgements, self-discipline, independent, sense of personal identity and not afraid to show it, forming one's own opinions and actions without harming another.

Some physical activities you can do to let the energy in your solar plexus move and flow more freely is breathing into the stomach, get some sun time, eat yellow foods such as chickpeas, bananas, lemons, bananas, corn. Perhaps take a kick-boxing course to let out that pent up energy. Breaking out of your daily routine will help all of of your chakras!

Some emotional activities you can let go of are stop indulging in things that make you feel like sh*t! Let go out people who make you feel sh*tty! Learn how to take a joke and stop taking criticism so seriously. You can't control what other people say or do, just like how others can't control what you say or do, so don't take it seriously and wipe it off, move forward and let it/them go. People can't affect you if you don't let them. Set daily goals for yourself and follow through. Train yourself to have discipline and always put yourself first. You are loved.

Love & light, ET.

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