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The SACRAL Chakra 🔶 (Svadhisthana)

Updated: May 6

The sacral chakra is located above the root chakra and is associated with the kidneys, reproductive organs, ovaries, testes, and uterus. [Between genitals and the navel aka belly button and from the base of the spine to the lower back]. The color orange is used to represent the sacral chakra. Emotionally, this chakra is all about flow, creativity, sexuality, pleasure, feminine energy and our ability to feel and express our emotions in a healthy way. Physically, this chakra is about giving and birthing a new human life through sexual intercourse, and of course, enjoying the sexual energy we naturally have in a healthy way. And it is the feminine (individual who has a physical uterus and able to house the fetus for nine months), thus why it is related to feminine energy, feminine power, feeling and intuition.

How does our emotional sacral connect to our physical sacral? When we are feeling numb, such as blocking out our feelings, saying that we don't have any, or suppressing, we are actually rejecting our feelings and emotions. Because as humans (in this current reality and incarnation of course), everyone has emotions! Everyone has times where we feel sadness, grief, shame, anger, guilt, courage, joy, peace, LOVE, etc. When a man has sexual intercourse with another being and has already rejected his own inner feelings, he may or may not get it up, maybe half up or having difficulty reaching completion, (if ya know what I mean). For some men who sleep with multiple women and can just get it up with no problem and no feelings, has possibly not experienced the best sex of his life yet...or is maybe searching for it. And I'm here to tell you that the answer is having an emotional connection with someone. Without it, it's just okay, add it to the list sex. When a woman has sexual intercourse with another, she also most likely will not reach completion with a person she doesn't feel a connection (emotions) with, or the intercourse may just be ehh. (You know what I'm saying ladies). That is why it is known that having sex with someone you have a deep connection and deep feelings/emotions with is better than meaningless one-night drunk, incomplete, in and out sex. IT'S FOR REAL! Quality over quantity. Protect your womb space ladies, it is SACRED!!!!! And for you Men, no one ever said the number of ladies you can get defines you as a man, you are allowed to protect your sacred personal space as well!!!!!

When any person, female or male disconnects and rejects his/her own feminine emotions (creativity, flow, gentleness, calmness), and decides to act aggressively, impulsively, and or having the intention of just wanting to scratch that itch, it can result in dreaming about sexual fantasies, porn, indulging in anything that will help the person reach completion. [This actually leads us to the solar plexus which will be discussed in a later post]. The other possibility is that an individual ends up not even having the sexual desire towards anyone, not even having the desire for pleasuring oneself due to low-self esteem, feeling uncomfortable in one's body, or rigid. Pleasuring oneself and enjoying it is our god-given right, sexual energy is the most powerful creative energy there is, every being should be able to enjoy doing so.

An overactive sacral chakra leads one to become over emotional (moody), quickly entering a relationship after getting out of one, loves drama, instant pleasure, and the inability to set personal boundaries.

An under-active sacral chakra leads one to become closed off, stiff (robot-like), unemotional, depressed, un-passionate, low-self esteem, lack of self-worth, and creativity.

In today's 'hook-up' society, most people don't even know what it's like to have quality sex. It's all about quantity and who's slept with who. The creative flow of humans is diminishing and we need to come back into balance and for each and every being to better connect to their feminine energy to more easily flow through life. However, it is difficult because men (those who identify more with masculine energy) are taught to 'not cry, not show their weaknesses, emotions, etc,' and they are shamed for doing so. This HAS to be changed. There is no shame in a man admitting they are upset, sad, guilty, etc, it actually makes them stronger. To be able to admit these things is what turns women on ;) To be vulnerable.

[I also want to mention my own personal experience. I am not going to go in depth but I want to share how it doesn't matter if you are physically a man or woman, it's all about energetics. I was born into a family lineage with a lot of distorted masculine and feminine energies. I was constantly shut down for crying, for showing emotions. There were even times where I was physically punished for being angry, upset, sad, etc. So I bottled that up inside me and eventually felt numb. My awakening journey has not been easy, it was difficult for me to heal and I am still working on myself every single day. The journey doesn't stop here! *** Also a side note, what is written in this post and others is based on my own experience and what I see in today's world and I am combining it with my own current spiritual knowledge. Every individual has free-will and can live in any way they please. Please do not misinterpret what I am saying, thank you.]

Some physical ways to start healing the sacral chakra is singing, dancing, stretching, or yoga. Maybe take a bath with some rose petals and a candle (yes, even if you are a man). This helps you connect with your feminine and vulnerable side. Do things outside of your comfort zone and things that are labeled as 'girly or too feminine.' These are just labels. It doesn't mean anything if you don't let it. Meditating while visualizing a healthy spinning orange light in your genital area is another activity you can do as well.

Some emotional ways you can start healing the sacral chakra is by crying when triggered. You can go cry by yourself, just let it OUT, let the water FLOW out of your eyes, out of your body. Most times, anger just stems from feeling shameful for crying, so the 'manly' way to express this is by getting worked up and angry. Recognize it and ask yourself why you're feeling that shame, anger, etc. Where in areas in your life were you shamed for your emotions? Who caused it? When? And please acknowledge it's not the person's fault, it's not your fault. It's no one's fault. We are all doing the best we can with what we have. But you can let it go and move forward. I was able to so I know you can too.

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