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The ROOT Chakra 🔴 (Muladhara)

The Root chakra is located at the base of our spine and provides the foundation for the rest of our chakras. The color to indicate this chakra is the color red. Physically, our basic needs in this human life is food, water, and safety. Emotionally, our basic needs is to not feel fearful. When you are feeling grounded and safe and have all of the physical basic needs, we lessen our fear and worry, thus creating a more solid foundation for ourselves. It is associated with the endocrine glands: adrenal glands, spine, blood, reproductive organs, and the our lower body (legs).

This chakra can easily go off balance if our basic needs are not met. As a small child, we want to feel secure, like we can trust our caretakers and feel the safe to open up and express our needs. However, trust can easily be destroyed and cause the root chakra to either become under-active, or overactive.

How does our emotional root connect to our physical root? When we sense physical danger, we want to run, run far away from it and as fast and far as possible because our emotions are sending us a message: 'UNKNOWN TERRITORY, SURVIVAL MODE ON.' So physically, we want to escape the danger. Thus why the root chakra (physically) is located from the urinary area down to the legs and feet. (It is also a HUGE chunk of our physical body because the root is the FOUNDATION). We also may feel nervous and that is a reason why some people have 'nervous peeing,' aka bladder issues and also 'nervous poop,' aka constipation. [Some people might feel nervous to poop in an unfamiliar bathroom, in public, etc. At times, our blood starts rushing and we start tensing up, getting heated, and turning red. In certain situations, we may not even know what to do so we come to a standstill, unable to physically move. Our emotions start flying and scattering all over the place and we need another individual to calm us from feeling shaky and anxious which promotes codependency if this goes on for too long and if one does not learn how to calm him or herself down themselves. We start depending on another person to KEEP us grounded. Becoming de-habilitated in terms of not being able to become grounded without another individual. If this goes on for too long, physical ailments start occurring as the body's natural way of alerting the individual 'hey, please take care of the root chakra, we don't feel safe in this environment.' It's all determined on if the person's root chakra is overactive or under-active.

An overactive root chakra can make one feel fearful, insecure, ungrounded, greedy, and nervous.

An under-active root chakra can make one feel unsafe, anxious, promote codependency, detached from our physical bodies, and see life as threatening.

Physical symptoms of an unbalanced root chakra are lower back pains, urinary issues, kidney pain, constipation, and since it is the ROOT and BASE layer and foundation for the rest of our chakras, it can also result in impotence and infertility--unable to reproduce and birth another human life which begins the connection from the root up to the sacral chakra. How can we possibly BIRTH a new life and be willing to raise another human being if we ourselves are feeling unsafe and fearful?

Some things you can do to balance your root chakra and to let the energy flow is by eating foods that are of the color red/dark red/pink. Foods that are grown by the roots such as beets, parsnips, and chard is also beneficial. Go outside and take off your shoes and stick your feet and toes into the grass , hug a tree, feel yourself becoming one with the Earth, connecting. Meditating and imagining the base of your spine with a spinning red ball of light while affirming 'I am safe, I am loved, I trust myself' will also help immensely. Don't just do this once, repeat these steps to feel the change :)

Some mental and emotional things you can do to balance the root chakra is by figuring out what exactly is keeping you fearful. Is it the bills you have to pay? The fear of judgement from others that is making you feel anxious and unsafe? Even feeling like you aren't in control of your life? Becoming aware of the reasons that are true to you is the first step in allowing the flow of energy within this chakra. Hope you enjoyed this post! Sending you all so much love and light on your own unique journey, bless.

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