The Limit Does Not EXIST, it is CREATED

Updated: May 6

Nothing exists unless it is created. All around us exists temptations, exists the thing we want next, and exists what is to be created next. We always think 'everything you can think of has already been thought of...' yet the limit does not exist...very paradoxal if that's a word.

In a dimension where time and space has no existence, exists everything that is possible--and we are at the midst of it here and now...WOWWWWW. Can you feel this powerful message?

And with that being said, this post is mostly going to be about the dangers of not creating a limit...because after all, the limit does not exist--it must be CREATED in order to EXIST!!! How I like to explain and convey my message is by providing a grounded example, then providing the multi-dimensional example and allow you to integrate the two for your own highest and greatest good and to assist in the acceleration of your consciousness expansion.

On a grounded note, we can think of it like this: We want to eat just ONE MORE CHIP, ONE MORE I TELL MYSELF, ONE MORE! Then you reach for another one...and another one...and now you've ate about 15 more chips than you should've. (Been there, done that). Now, you've exceeded the limit. When the limit is exceeded...weight gains, unhealthy eating patterns, nutritional value all decrease. You told yourself ONE MORE, but now it's 15 more and you cannot go back to un-eat the chips. You can apply this idea to anything (smoking, drinking, excessive working, binging Netflix, etc). When we don't follow through with the LIMIT we initially SET, that's how we begin to veer off track with our own self-alignment and creation.

On a more conscious/soul-evolution standpoint, we can think of it like this: Consciousness expansion is always going to be progressing at our own individual level, as well as the collective consciousness level. The LIMIT does NOT EXIST. So what are the dangers of this? Isn't this a positive thing? To be able to expand our consciousness without limit? Well...depends on how one interprets what I'm about to say. On a soul-level, there is always going to be a force behind the soul that wants to expand, that wants to learn more, and that always wants to connect to what cannot be seen with the physical eye. The soul is much more evolved than the human vessel. The soul is timeless and never-ending. However, when one is always in this state of wanting to connect to '5D' so often, it's easy to lose touch with our physical senses because new ones have been developed. AND IT'S OKAY! Something new and shiny always catches our eye at first. But it's important to be aware that it's also equally as important to be able to also get back into our bodies and to connect with our physical senses as well and with other beings. To appreciate the wind blowing in your face or the smell of freshly grass. The feeling of jumping into bed with freshly cleaned sheets, or the kind of laughter that hurts your stomach.

So how is the limit created? The limit is created by each of us individually. We need to known our own limits and give ourselves limits and most importantly--follow through with our limits. One more chip means one more chip. And there is no way for us to successfully create self-limits without knowing the self, loving the self, and forgiving the self. I think a lot of times, we unconsciously give away our own power to another because we are afraid to create our own limits, we believe that creating limits will keep us in a cage, but creating limits only sets you freeeeee. Let that SINK IN.

I don't always agree with other starseeds that convey the message that there is no limit, the only thing holding you back is yourself, or maybe even 'stop limiting yourself and your beliefs.' To a certain extent, that's true. But that message is also what messed me up during my awakening.

In a world full of temptations and deep rabbit holes, one has to know when to stop digging, and when it's okay to go back in. It's so crucial to know when to stop connecting up in 5D for a sec and bring it back down here to Mother Earth because she is missing YOU! WHAT'S YOUR LIMIT?! Let me know if this resonates!

If you have trouble seeing where limitations exist in your life or have trouble creating them to stay in alignment, book a session with me here to find out some blockages or entities you may be facing!

All my Love,


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