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The Law of One & The Illusion of Separation

Updated: Apr 24

The Law of One explained in my own words. Please do not take anything out of context and read by bringing your mind into a place of neutrality first.

The Law of One states that we are all one and that separation is an illusion. However, this can only be seen and felt on a higher level. To explain the Law of One on a more practical and widely understood level, we must first be aware that the decisions we make has an affect on the human collective as a whole. For example, if I chose not to leave my full-time job, I would still be working there. Since I left that job, that seat was open for another individual to fill. My decision to leave the job has now altered the reality/life of the person who replaces me. That person's life has changed and so has mine--we are each living a different timeline because of the decision I CHOSE to make. It also affects the people who work at that job--they now have a new person who will bring new experiences to the workplace and everyone who works there. Their timeline and experiences has now shifted as well regardless of if they are aware of it or not. If I chose not to leave, the other person would be living a different life and having other experiences in a different environment. It's truly amazing once we are able to see, understand, and accept this concept.

Now let's turn back the clock and begin to see this concept on a biological and more scientific evolutionary standpoint. How did life come about on this Earth? From a single cell organism multiplying--creating plants, animals, humans...life. We each stemmed from this SINGLE organism--the first alive cell ever on this planet multiplying and multiplying. We all came from the same source.

What is the illusion of separation? The illusion of separation is when we cannot see that our decisions affect the collective human race. We think 'it's no big deal, it's whatever, it won't affect anything,' and that is an illusion. At a certain level of consciousness, we make decisions without thinking about how it affects others around us and ourselves. When we believe that we are separate and that our decisions do not affect anyone but ourselves, there is a higher chance that we diminish our ability to feel compassion and understanding towards other people--human people who have thoughts and feelings just like you.

To explain the illusion of separation on a higher level--we first need to move our ego to the side. When we see something we don't like in another person, (i.e. that person is so rude) we need to bring our awareness within and recognize the times where we were also rude. Did we do it on purpose? Did we mean to be rude? Usually the answer is no. We are just trying our best with what we have and dealing with our own personal life situations, so we forgive ourselves for the times we were rude to others so we can begin to forgive the people who were unconsciously rude to us. Remember, you are in NO obligation to interact with individuals who bring you down. Take back your power and leave situations where you are not being respected, understood, heard, and acknowledged. Letting go is difficult at first, but easier than living with the pain of holding on.

I love you, I am you.

Love & Light,


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