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The Heart Chakra 💚 (Anahata)

Updated: May 6

The Heart chakra is our fourth chakra, it is located at the center of our chest. (Not the anatomical position of our physical human heart). The color green is used to represent the heart chakra. The organs associated with the heart chakra are the lungs breasts, arms, hands, thymus, the cardiovascular system (blood circulation), and of course--the heart.

The physical function of our heart is to allow blood flow, to ensure that we are always getting enough air/oxygen throughout our bodies and into the brain. It delivers nutrients to your cells and removes waste from those cells. Blood circulates throughout your body through veins, arteries, and capillaries and it is said that if all of these vessels were laid out in linear form, it could circle the Earth more than twice...hmm, interesting.

Now how does this relate to our emotional heart chakra? What do we want and need in this human life to feel complete, to feel whole, to feel wanted? L.O.V.E. Love is our oxygen, love is what we want to breathe in and give out. It is our spiritual blood. It pumps and flows throughout our entire human body and supplies all of the other organs (spiritually--the chakras) what it needs to keep on going. We cannot survive without love, the human race would not be able to. Think about it, if there was lack of love, lack of compassion, lack of understanding--we would all despise and manipulate each other. We would literally kill each other until no one is left standing. When there is no blood pumping in our physical bodies, what happens? Our bodies literally die, turn pale--lifeless. Nothing is pumping to let the blood flow. And we cannot breathe or function anymore. If a person runs out of love, does not believe in it, refuses to feel or give love--they're lifeless...in a way. Get what I'm saying?

Is it possible to have too much love? Well, is it possible for the blood to be pumping too fast? Yes. Biologically this is true. It is also true that blood pumps too slowly as well. It needs to be pumping at a steady and healthy rate. Just as the love we give and receive needs to be steady as well. And so what does this mean?

When a person has an over-active heart chakra (the physical parallel is when the heart is pumping too quickly), the individual suffocates another person with love--becomes clingy, always trying to please others by saying 'yes' to everything, not knowing how to set personal boundaries in fear of upsetting others. Physically, when the heart pumps too quickly, it can result in heart failure, literally running out of love to give. Not letting the heart REST.

When a person has an under-active heart chakra (physical parallel is heart pumping too slowly), individual feels uncomfortable around love, is cold, distant, unable to be open, revengeful, despises others, possibly lonely. Physically, when the heart is pumping slowly, not enough blood is getting to the right places and the person can get 'cold to the touch.' Kind of like the saying...'they have no heart.'

Physical symptoms of an imbalanced heart chakra are: blood circulatory problems that can result in high/low blood pressure, heart palpitations, heart attacks, numbness, respiratory ailments, breast cancer, and stiffness in joints.

A healthy heart chakra will allow one to be open to others, to feel compassion and understand to others who are different than they, to forgive, to accept, to feel empathy. A balanced heart chakra gives strength to set clear boundaries, to take care of themselves because they understand they need to be healthy in order to care for another.

Some physical things you can do to balance your heart chakra is eating green foods, heart chakra meditations, hugging, yoga, deep breathing, and of course--LAUGHING--the best medicine.

Some emotional activities you can do for balance is figuring out the heaviness or emptiness in your heart. Question yourself. If you're unable to forgive, ask yourself why. Do you really want to live the rest of your life holding onto a weight in the middle of your chest? If you're feeling empty, ask yourself why. Do you really want to live the rest of your life with emptiness? (Ultimately that is up to you of course and your choice of free-will). Something we can all benefit from is establishing personal boundaries. To make clear to others when they are taking too much from us and not meeting us in the middle. By saying 'no' when you want to, and saying 'yes' when you want to. Remember, the most important love is the love you are willing to give to yourself. You are loved. You are love.

Love & Light,


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