The Divine Masculine

Updated: Apr 24

What is the Divine Masculine? (DM) The DM is merely a term that can be used to interpret many different aspects of self. It can represent another physical being, our mind, and our own inner divine masculine energy (the physical aspect of our existence).

To be able to achieve and manifest, to live in peace while experiencing turbulent emotions all at once, the masculine energy within us has to be integrated with our feminine and a balanced (neutral) state is achieved.

When we hear 'Divine Masculine,' there are many who would assume this term is referring to another person, their divine counterpart/soul-mate/etc. This term is taken out of context a lot, by myself as well and has caused more harm than good.

When a masculine (having more masculine energy within you regardless of gender) is a 'divine' masculine, how does one look like and act?

A divine masculine is someone who has confidence in oneself, isn't afraid to admit to mistakes and take responsibility, as well as apologizing when in the wrong or not in the wrong. Realizing that we all take part in situations that we perceive as negative. He isn't afraid to release and show emotions as he knows that this is natural and nothing to be shamed for even if others have something to say.

As compared to the wounded masculine, the divine masculine takes action on things he aligns with and says no to the things he does not align with. The wounded masculine on the other hand may portray one of the two: Either the desire to have more and more control and power or the lack to take control. The divine sits in between and knows he controls his own actions and reactions and the actions and reactions of others are not in his control--he can only witness.

In the twin flame/soul-mate context, I see that many who have gone through a spiritual awakening due to a karmic/tf/sm have not prior been knowledgable on what these terms are referring to. It is then we can get entangled in all of the twin flame drama and nonsense where we begin to get stuck in the 5D way of thinking. When in the physical--we are still in 3D. 5D is just a term to describe a new way of thinking and adding a new lens to perceive our reality. All physical aspects are right where they were and have not moved.

So where in your life have you witnessed yourself in your wounded masculine energy? How about your divine masculine energy? Let me know down in the comment below :)

Love & Light,


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