The Divine Feminine

There's a lot of misconception about this term and I am here to clarify so you can get the best understanding for your own healing journey regardless of what you choose to identify as.

When we are in our divine feminine essence, we feel free, we feel uncaged, and we feel like we are able to achieve anything because we are so sure of our own power. We have no problem saying NO to things we DO NOT actually want, and we have no problem saying YES to things we want while recognizing judgement, but not attaching to the judgements from others. We learn to accept the choices we've made and it is through this acceptance phase where we can move forward into a higher state of being, learn our lessons, and move forward.

Versus the distorted feminine...when we are in our distorted feminine energy, we people please, seek approval, and seek outside praise because we haven't learned yet how to know ourselves and how to accept ourselves as we are. This energy stretches us out too far where we extend our energy to things that tire us! (i.e. When you do something just because you think it will allow you to 'feel' acceptance from another. This of course occurs unconsciously, but now it can be brought into your awareness to transmute). You will become aware that that 'feeling' you get when you please another person will only be temporary and you will be looking for your next fix.

Our divine feminine energy allows us to flow with what is happening in our 3D life and not get too caught up in unnecessary concerns because the bigger picture is seen. That the ups and downs of life aren't in control, we are.

All my Love,


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