• Emily

The Distorted Masculine

Updated: Apr 24

Masculine energy (regardless of physical gender), resides in each of us walking this Earth. We all house masculine & feminine energies. The masculine energy allows us to be logical, to make decisions, to take action, and to become more intellectual with our minds.

I am going to use 'he' to refer to the masculine energy. Please understand that the pronouns can be replaced with whatever gender you define yourself as.

When this energy within an individual is on over-drive, he can become too logical. Always searching for answers, trying to make sense of something, basically tearing down the mind, driving himself crazy searching for reasons and anything that will justify him performing a specific action even if the action will harm himself or another. He doesn't care. He can also become rash in making decisions and taking action on things he probably didn't think through. He can become controlling, dominating, aggressive, overly competitive and critical about others' as well. On the other hand, when this energy has become too dormant (inactive), he doesn't know how to make decisions, actions, doesn't think for himself and just follows suit with whatever the people around him is saying as 'right' or 'wrong.' He relies on others to make decisions for him so he does not need to bear the responsibility of taking a mis-step or doing something 'wrong.' These are two opposite spectrums of the distorted masculine energy.

Thus why it is so important for us to become aware of how our own masculine energies are affecting us in our daily lives so we can better move forward and make clear decisions, take clear action, responsibility, to think things through with a clear mind before acting. And to avoid self-sabotaging ourselves. So where in your life are you driving yourself insane for answers? Being overly competitive? Acting on a whim? Not taking responsibility? Maybe not taking action when you should? Ask yourself these questions to better understand you!

Love & Light,


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