• Emily

The Distorted Feminine

Updated: Apr 24

The feminine energy we each embody is our roadmap, our intuition, our inner-voice. It is compassionate, free-flowing, love, expression, nurturing, and creation. This energy within us all has been repressed by our own inner masculine energy. Most people have suppressed this energy for so long due to societal construct and programming that it can be difficult to connect to her energy regardless of physical gender.

I use “her” to refer to the feminine energy we all embody. However the pronoun can be changed to whichever gender one chooses to identify with. Energy is not gender-specific and it does not care what you are on the outside. Energy is energy.

When our feminine energy is not acknowledged, she becomes wounded/distorted and that is how the distorted feminine was born. Throughout history and time, the feminine energy was ignored and she became extremely hurt, left out and unheard. Her voice was repressed and shut down. The distorted feminine then feels shame, guilt, unworthiness, lacks boundaries, and does not know how to speak up for oneself because she does not want to further feel more shame and repression from others around her. Instead, she begins to close herself off and embodies only the masculine energy because it is more widely accepted in today's reality.

Saying things like "you're too sensitive," "control your emotions," "stop crying it's not a big deal," IS SHUTTING OUT THE FEMININE! Our emotions are what we live for, without it, we are living but not alive. To feel alive, we must be open to feeling pain and knowing that whatever life throws at us, our feminine can pull us back up and move us to a better place. She teaches us, she nurtures us, she makes us resilient and strong.

So how can we better connect to our own inner feminine energy? We can start by acknowledging that we each have an inner-feminine. She is our beating heart, what we feel, how we feel, and how we express our feelings. If any situation or trigger arises, you can ask yourself: What am I feeling in this situation? Why are you feeling that specific feeling? Can you recall certain times in your life where you have felt the same way? Don't place blame on another, just feel into your emotions and let it out. Our feminine needs to be heard and understood, she does not want to feel or hear that she is wrong, she wants to be nurtured and felt. The masculine is lost without her--bring her back to life within yourself.

Love & Light,


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