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The CROWN Chakra 💜 (Sahasrara)

Updated: May 6

The last and seventh chakra is the Crown chakra! It is located at the top of the head and allows us to access higher levels of consciousness and wisdom without limitations. to be able to perceive what is not visible to our physical eyes. Perceive as in hearing, touching, knowing, and feeling. It helps us get in touch with the universal truths, higher-selves, and spirit guides.

The physical organs that relate to this chakra are our brain, central nervous system, pituitary & pineal glands. Consciousness lives inside our brain in this physical body and it is where we can connect to the unseen, to universal light, and infinite intelligence.

When we close ourselves off through limits, the crown chakra is also closed off. The brain wants to expand, it wants to know more. (Hence why it is important to exercise and utilize the brain). The brain wants to be challenged and used, that's what it is here to do! When people close themselves off to new ideas, to new ways of living, of being, the brain is being limited so headaches can happen, dizziness, confusion, nerve pain, and even mental disorders. Maybe this is why we use the term 'close-minded...' Since the mind WANTS to expand, when we close it off, we are pressuring it to stay in one place--Pressure HEADACHES! O:

Even from an evolutionary and scientific standpoint--we are evolving at lightning speed. It's insane how far we've come as human beings and we have ways to go! However, it is also vital to keep our crown chakra balanced.

An over-active crown chakra results in addiction to spirituality, emotional imbalance, and ultimately throws all of the other chakras out of whack.

An under-active crown chakra results in an individual being closed off to spirituality, lacking direction, lacking goals and drive/motivation.

The Crown chakra allows us to bridge the gap between our physical world and the unseen world (our limitless selves that exist all throughout). When someone is close-minded and set on their 'beliefs,' and not accepting other ideas as a possibility, it is easy for this chakra to be closed off. So to open up this chakra, we must question what exists beyond us. To constantly be aware of endless possibilities. To just say 'hmm, interesting...maybe.' It is also so easy to be connected to the spiritual world that we forget we live in this 3D reality. Being a human being is not a curse, it is an experience that allows us to explore down here in the physical. So we can physically traverse, touch, feel, and understand to expand.

Where are you limiting yourself?

Some activities you can do to open up this chakra is exploring ideas/topics that you haven't before or that you were closed off to. Ask yourself 'why?' in EVERY aspect of your life to get to know yourself. Eat purple foods. Meditate with the amethyst crystal and or selenite! Don't limit yourself because you are a vast being, a divine being who has limitless power, you exist in every dimension, every time and space, the ultimate co-creator of your universe. So ask yourself--how do I want to spend my time here in this physical plane in this physical vessel? Your time here isn't very long so never hesitate to take the wheel, be the driver of your life and don't let anyone outside of you LIMIT you. Limitations only exist if we allow it to exist.

Love & Light,


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