• Emily

The Art of Survival

Updated: May 6

At the core of it all, we are all survivors. Survivors of life, at all of the things life has thrown at us. We keep swinging at the balls thrown at us, hoping we'd make a home-run, or just hoping we'd strike out so we wouldn't have to play anymore. Whichever side you're leaning to, the game goes on. If you're reading this, you've survived this far and you should be proud of the storms you've weathered, not bitter.

Just like that scar on your knee, elbow, forearm, legs, your back--no one has those exact scars and the story you have behind it. Learn to embrace your scar(s), to show it off like it's no one's business. To not be afraid to create your own masterpiece because YOU are the creator of your world, of your reality, the writer of your story.

So what is the art of survival? The art of survival is you. You are the art that is surviving right this moment, still painting or writing your masterpiece day by day. You are a divine being with your own unique set of qualities, abilities, giving something that none other has. You cannot be replicated just how every brush stroke, every streak in a painting will never be 100% the same. Yes, 99.9% maybe, but never 100%. Once the Mona Lisa painting has been touched up, it was never the same painting ever again. So don't let anyone dare touch up YOUR piece of art, make it yours, make it shine, make it known.

You have your limited time here on Earth to express yourself in anyway you choose, so make it worth while. Time is the only thing we cannot create more of in this physical density. So don't focus on how others are creating their masterpiece and copy their work, create yours and be proud.

It's not about what you wear but how you wear it ;)

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