The 2 Most Important Words You Will Ever Use

Updated: Jun 11

If you haven't already, read my last post titled ("Did You Make That Choice?") prior to reading this one because they are both connected!

The hidden choices that were never consciously made by you, are calling for your immediate attention. You can hear the sound of it calling you from, but you don't know where it's coming from. So I invite you to read the rest of this post so I can help point you in the direction of where it's calling you from.

How many times have you said a phrase along the lines of: "It's up to you, whatever everyone else wants, i'll go with it, if you want to, maybe, I kind of want to but I'm not going to, I kind of don't want to but I will."

I know I have. And if you are just starting to realize that this is you, that's great. Because I am going to teach you the first steps into finding these hidden choices so you can be in control of them again.

The next time you begin to do something...anything...Whether that be texting a friend back, reading that book, going out for drinks, grabbing that snack, going for a run, etc., I want you to stop for a minute, and add the word YES to the beginning of everything that you do. (You can do this in your head). For example, if I am grabbing a snack, I am going to say "YES, I am grabbing a snack." Or "YES, I'm going for a run."

And of course, the second word is NO. For this, there is an exercise that helped me get familiar with this word. Why? From my own personal experience, when I said 'NO' when I was younger, I always received negative backlash from elders saying that it is 'disrespectful' or 'rude' and so I never really got used to the word.

So get familiar with the word. When you're by yourself or standing in front of a mirror, say the word 'NO' aloud...ALOUD!!! You are never wrong, rude, or disrespectful for saying that word to something you truly do NOT WANT and does not align with you! Do not be apologetic or guilty for saying NO, no matter who you are saying NO to. NO means NO, but you must first understand that for yourself, and listen to yourself when your higher-self is telling you No.

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All my Love,


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