Stop Trying to get Along with Everyone

"Deny the animal and it will deny you." - etconscioushealing

When we find ourselves trying to get along with everyone, or trying to see the good in everyone, we're just going to end up in endless cycles. There is so much fear surrounding admitting that we just won't like everyone.

I don't believe we will get along with everyone. I do believe that we can respectfully live on this land and still be able to support each other. Doesn't matter if we like it or not, we still have innate instincts / animal instincts / human instincts no matter how 'peaceful' we try to be and how zen we claim to be. No matter how much personal cultivation we've done.

If we are truly living as the embodiment of unity, we understand that not everyone is. It is okay to distance ourselves from people who are not aligning with us at the moment. (STOP using the word TOXIC. We've all been the TOXIC individual or will be in someone else's journey). It is not okay to completely distance ourselves from the rest of society or other groups of community simply because we do not agree with their teachings. (This is separation). To live in unity is to respect someone else's land, to know that we are not in charge when we enter someone else's place of peace. We are there to learn, engage, and expand. We are only in charge of our own place of peace, and help others who enter our land to learn, engage and expand.

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