Soul Fragmentation

Updated: May 5

When the soul experiences fragmentation, there is an immediate disconnect between the physical vessel that the soul is embodying, and the Earth. Why? Because the soul is pure and untouched. When it experiences its first fragmentation, because the soul is so pure, it does not even know what has happened.

Over time, this fragmentation has the ability to either stay the same, get a little more broken, get very broken, heal, and all of the above. But how would the soul know that it was even fragmented in the first place when the soul doesn't even know when or where the first fragmentation occurred?

That is why the disconnect that initially occurs isn't even fully recognized and acknowledged because it just starts to seem like the new...normal.

(By using the word 'purity' I do not want to relate that to the physical act of sex. There are a lot of layers to the word purity relating to many aspects of self other than having sex).

The soul fragmentation repair process is going to encompass a whirlwind of experiences. From deep diving all the way back into the past to uncover the aspects of the soul that were fragmented, and bringing all of that back into the now to release, so we can ensure the pattern isn't replaying in our future. I am going to flat out say that not everyone will be ready for this process at the same level, but everyone is ready to reclaim what was rightfully theirs to begin with whether they are aware of it or not.

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I hope this helped explain what soul fragmentation is! Don't hesitate to reach out for topic requests, questions, or to converse with me!

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