• Emily

Shift from Victim Mentality to Survivor Mentality

Hello everyone! So this post may be a bit triggering but I am really guided to write about this. How can we shift from victim mentality to survivor mentality? When we think of ourselves as victims of a situation, we feel bad for ourselves and place blame on another individual (the individual who caused us to be victims in the first place). Playing the victim is actually a form of lower energies that can be transmuted right away.

Whatever has happened to you where you and others labeled you as a 'victim' (i.e. sexual assault, abuse, neglect, etc), know that you are a SURVIVOR. You literally survived although a traumatic event has happened. When you are labeled as a survivor, you feel more power, strength and confidence that you are able to make it through whatever comes next. You become more aware of the fact that you are a resilient being who despite what happens, are kind and can teach others how to be strong as well. You have a story to share and more to write in your story about how you were able to move OUT of that and live your best life regardless of how badly a certain situation has gone. I personally do not resonate with the word 'victim,' but I highly resonate with the word 'survivor' because I came from a family where I was mistreated as a youngin'. I am a survivor of physical/verbal abuse and neglect. But because I always thought of myself as a survivor who has to keep on moving through life, I was able to not feel bad for myself, not feel bad for the people I grew up with, but come from a place of understanding. I am at a good place with my parents and I get that they did not have it easy growing up so it was difficult for them to handle me (little trouble maker me haha) while raising me. I was able to focus on myself and bettering myself by knowing that I am resilient. So if you are someone who sees themselves as a victim, stop using that word and replace it with SURVIVOR and see how your life changes.

AFFIRM: I AM A SURVIVOR. I AM STRONG, I AM COURAGEOUS, AND I AM RESILIENT. Sending you all so much love and light, always. Bless.

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