Put your Passion into Action (Solar Plexus)

"Passion without action is wasted potential." - etconscioushealing

To discover a passion and cease to put it into action, is wasting precious energy that can be shared with everyone. And if you've been searching, I invite you to look within, learn more about yourself, question things, question everything.

How do I know I've found my passion?

You'll know you found something you are #passionate about because it will be easy. You'll know you found your passion because you will want to keep doing it even if you have nothing external to gain from it. You'll know because you will never want to stop learning more about it. You'll know because it will be the reason you are excited for the upcoming day. You'll just know.

Do you notice that sometimes when we do certain things, we have so much energy. But when we do other things, it feels like we haven't slept in three days but have no choice but to keep going? This is your higher-self telling you what is right for you and what is wrong for you. Well, not that it's 'wrong' per-say, but that there is something better out there more suited for your #blueprint. So how can we embark on the journey of discovering what lights us up inside? By taking action!

Taking action on something you choose to take action on, will make you feel more confident, and eventually you will naturally embody it to a point where you won't even need to say 'I'm confident,' because you just are. You are it. And this is where I believe a lot of people have #distortions around. Many believe that we need to pretend to act confident...sort of like 'faking it 'til you make it,' in order to become #successful (however you define success), but it might just be the opposite!

What will bring out the feeling of confidence is taking a step towards a goal you have for yourself, no matter how small each step is, because it is finishing through one step at a time that will help you discover that confidence is merely a feeling you feel within, no one and nothing can give it to you, it is a state of being that exudes out, so it is not something you can chase externally no matter how much you want to.

Sure, dressing your best to look your best helps with confidence, so will building muscle or losing fat, having likes on a photo will also give you some more confidence, but these are NOT permanent solutions. These are temporary boosts.

When we attach the idea that our level of #confidence is connected to the thing we do or the thing we have, (i.e. looking shredded, or having the most likes), that feeling will inevitably always come in and out. What if there ever comes a time where one does not have the capability to look shredded all the time, or someone doesn't receive the most likes on a photo...what will happen then? The confidence is shaky because it is dependent on something external. And the external is never permanent. It it ever-changing, ever-flowing.

You just have to do and take action and let the journey take you where it takes you. Perhaps, sometimes we don't feel as confident because we are focused on what other people think about us, what others are saying about us. So our confidence now becomes dependent on others and what they think. It's external. I've been there. I know that feeling too. Learn to be dead honest with yourself and figure yourself out, because you are the missing puzzle piece you have been searching for the entire time. It's right in front of your eyes.

And remember to always forgive yourself if you mess up. We all do, we all mess up sometimes, it's the human in us. Laugh at your 'mistakes,' and do not ever expect that you will not make any. KNOW that you will probably mess up more than once, but also KNOW that you always have the choice to start again. Learning how to get up and start over every single time we mess up is also a lesson about consistency in itself and brings us one step closer to embodying our true natural confidence, and discovering that thing that bring us ultimate joy and #abundance. The thing that we want to create more of.

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With Love & Light,


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