Neither Empaths Nor Narcissists

Perhaps it's not because we are empaths or we are narcissists--but simply we are all experiencing the same thing in a different way. We are experiencing life within individual story lines that may be distorted with energies that prevent us from perceiving our sameness within our differences.

The power of the Empath is their ability to relate--their ability to take their own emotions in order to understand the current situation of another. Sometimes, it comes to a point where the other party is not ready to receive that empathy or sympathy--they do not have the space or want anyone to step in. So the empath might push--saying they understand and want to help--but Empaths must remember that not everyone wants help...and that we do not know 100% of someone's story or emotions even if we believe we do, just as not everyone will understand our own story 100%.

For the Narcissist, their power has not been realized by themselves yet. The Narcissist is afraid of one's power--that which is sensitivity. (Being open to being more of an Empath). They sometimes are afraid of their own true emotions so they hide and close off their space, and call people crazy for wanting to help when they so desperately desire it. We oscillate between these two energies of being more of an empath and displaying narcissism qualities, and we are all learning how to better balance ourselves. To neither play the savior or the enemy for another, but to witness another be their own savior and their own enemy...trying to assist each other on life's journey...because we've all been there, are here, or will be there.

There is nothing either the Empath or Narcissist can do except allow the universe to guide the way--to propel us into situations where we will learn how to use our power and tools for the better, to grow, expand, and evolve as one.

Let me know your thoughts.


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