My My My, what a Wonderful Eye (Third Eye)

"Behind your eyes exists an entire world just waiting to be discovered, that is only if you allow yourself to see it." - etconscioushealing

I'm just having fun coming up with Blog titles now hahaha. Today's post is about the third eye and what it can teach us about our external world.

Sometimes, the story just feels so real we can't help but get caught up in all of the details. But at some point, if we read the same story over and over again, we get tired of it. Because life--life was never meant to be repeated, it was meant to be cherished, held, seen, and loved.

When we can begin to see where in our lives we have been repeating the same old patterns, writing the same old stories, we will also see why we are where we are in this moment.

I remember a few years ago, I was someone who loved to prove my point. And in my reality, someone entered my life who would always say "well, who really knows what's right and wrong? It's all made up by people just like us." And I pondered that thought for a moment, and I knew that that truth, was a truth. A truth that I needed to accept. So I did. I began to see the world differently, myself differently.

If we go back to the beginning, to the point when you were first born, you were a blank slate, someone that others could not wait to draw on. You became a chance for someone to shape and make great--because you--you're the future. You're a chance for someone to feel like they've accomplished something. And so they did. They taught you everything you know today, they showed you the right ways to write your story and the wrong ways to write your story. So you take their directions...but still haven't gotten anywhere. It's so confusing, you tried to do everything right!!! Yet still haven't found what it is you were hoping for.

So you hit a dead end. You're exhausted, you're tired, you want to give up. And it is here, it is at this dead end where you begin to question everything and everyone. Why were you led to a dead end? Was this a joke?

Your mind starts spinning, driving you insane, going mad one day at a time. Getting annoyed, angry, sad, confused. These feelings get repetitive and nothing is worth you getting angry over anymore. You don't want to re-write this chapter. So you close it. You stop taking their direction.

You begin a new one. This one. You feel like this is it, this is the moment you've been waiting for. A story that you get to write, you get to pick the path this time. So this one, you make this one fun, happy, and crazy--the good crazy. Your kind of crazy. The kind where it's 'screw you, I do what I want. You don't like it? Get out of here.' Because why not...isn't this all a joke? Now you're cruising, you're content because you wrote your story the way you wanted. One without pain and without tears. And then, you look over and you see someone crying. But you turn away and don't even look twice because that...that's too close to the story you left behind. So you close your eyes and turn away, because if you open them and look at the'll feel that horrible feeling again.

You bury that chapter deep down, way way into the bottom and return to your jokes, your sarcasm, your don't care attitude. All you're doing is laughing, taking nothing seriously. After's not cool to the joke so seriously right?...We're all just joking. But week after week you're laughing at the same realize that you're just rewriting the same thing. A joke is funny at first, maybe funnier the fifth time around. But after a certain number of's not funny anymore.

You meet the dead end once again. You ask the dead end..."can I end my book now?" ... You receive no response. Because, well...the dead end doesn't exist. Why do you think it's called a 'dead' end. Something that's dead...isn't existing anymore. The end doesn't exist. So you...

You surrender to the truth. The truth that says there is no right or wrong, beginning or end, black or white. There only exists gray. A gray gray world. This gray world is a gift. It was always a gift since the moment you were born. Allowing you to brush in the colors you want. It's your world. Remember that you have a choice too, to use the colors you want to use.

Life was never meant to be written by you or anyone else--it has already been written. Life was meant to be's not your fault or any one else's fault that you were doing it the wrong way the entire time. They have too, they didn't get their crayons either.

And here, here I give you your crayons, color pencils, and markers back. In all the colors you want. Not even the 64 pack crayons, but a fresh 120 pack. Now, I give you permission to color in your colors in any way you want. Share your crayons with those who don't have any. Teach them how they too, can color their own masterpiece.

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With Love & Light,


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