Moral of the Story

"When we don't know how to survive, we will follow the closest crowd." - etconscioushealing

If a story was created in order to convey the moral...there must be a story behind the story that generated the creation of the moral. Why else would we need to be taught to be better humans with more morale if we were already BORN AS INNOCENT BABIES. I know people argue that we are not actually born as such, and that may be true, but it is also because of generations and generations of brainwashing and other outdated programs. So, our original form as human beings/spiritual beings IS indeed pure.

There would be no need to teach children to be 'better' and have 'values' if they ALREADY KNOW HOW TO GET ALONG WITH EVERYONE.

Babies, toddlers, children mimic those who they are around most often. It's their natural instinct. When we don't know how to survive, we will turn to the closest person for guidance. Nowadays...children, even babies (I've seen), are looking at an iPad screen and playing games...and when it's taken away, they start crying and balling. I look at the parents...and I see...they too...are on their cellphones, laptops, working, on-call, texting, or also gaming. Then they turn around to children and say "shame....shame...look at all of that technology...destroying you. Put that phone down or it'll ruin your brain, you'll see..."

It's in our blood, our heart, and our soul to be pure, playful, friendly, funny, happy, peaceful, forgiving, loving, yet we are surrounded by just the opposite. Divide, disapproval, blame, shame, separation.

We're not questioning the story to the root. We're sliding on the surface, in fear of finding out the original story. Because why would a story need to be created if there was nothing necessary to convey...unless there was something to hide, or maybe a piece of the puzzle is still in the process of being found.

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