Knowing When it's Time to Let Go

"The only ones you should give up on, are the ones holding you back--including yourself." - etconscioushealing (So...good thing you're a multi-dimensional being with limitless self-healing capabilities).

What do I mean?

I do not mean give up on yourself. I mean, you must give up the part of yourself that believes you cannot accomplish something. That you cannot be who you want. You must learn when you have to shed your old self and birth a newer version. This is always a painful process, but a beautiful one nonetheless.

You must give up individuals who refuse to allow you the opportunity to shine, because they are blocking the view of others who wish to see you shine.

I understand not wanting to give-up on someone, I know...Just one more chance. Last one...I know...I believe you. We've been there. Always telling ourselves it's one more time...but when the experience presents's just so hard to let go. We don't let go because we fear being ones who walk away...

Circumstances change, stories change, details change, you change...people change, but patterns will always remain visible. Always. It is within these patterns where you will see the answer you are looking for.

Be wise on who is worth your energy and who isn't. Who is pushing you to be better and who is only holding you back...Never apologize for doing what is best for you... Knowing fully...when it is time to let go. Following through with the amount of chances you give. Not wavering. One more...means one more. Make that solid promise to yourself and don't look back.

The most important knowing knowing who is trying their best to support you but just doesn't know how to. These people are the ones who truly adore you, cherish you, and love you. They just don't have any instructions or how-to's, but they are willing to learn. You will be able to feel these people in your heart. And instead of you trying to get them to understand will be YOU who tries to understand them. These people will show you how much strength truly lives within you...

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