It's not Fear you should Fear

Fear is what propels us and keeps us on our toes. It is what pushes us to keep doing the work in order to maintain our steady stream of Love. Do not mistake fear for indifference/apathy. To Love deeply is to also know Fear, to know Fear not as an enemy, but an ally. To Love deeply is to choose Faith in our Love, despite the Fear of Fear turning on us. When the Fear grows too strong, and we become too afraid of the unknown, is when WE turn on Fear, befriending apathy. Because apathy is chill. Apathy doesn't care. Apathy is drunk at the wheel and drives us straight into delusion and void. Fear shows up whenever we need to be reminded of Love. Apathy shows up the moment we choose to abandon our Fears. To no longer acknowledge them because they're just too scary to face.

If we are brave enough, and we are, we always have the option to turn back to Fear--to ask Fear to take us back to Love. To ask Fear to light up our journey back home.

Fear will tell you--I am not the enemy. I am here to remind you of Love. To take you back to the path of Love. It is not me you should be afraid of, it is indifference. Indifference does not guarantee you a path back to Love. Indifference doesn't give a shit about you. I do. I will do anything it takes to shift you back into remembrance. Whatever it takes--remember it is I who will take you back.

Appreciation, gratitude, respect, honor, etc., are the very essences that provide us with life-force. Without feeling appreciated, feeling grateful, feeling respect, we become empty and deprived. Seeking Love outside of ourselves from a space of indifference. This is how relationships become diluted, words become diluted, meaning becomes diluted until there is no taste anymore. There becomes a bland existence of a lifeless avatar.

Much Love,


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