Is it Really Low Vibe to feel SHAMEFUL or GUILTY?

"When shame and guilt is rooted in respect, there is only power." - etconscioushealing

When shame and guilt is conveyed as something low vibe, it will be easy for us to lose our connection with our hearts. If the shame is rooted in with lack of self-trust and self-love, then yes, we will undoubtedly become low vibe and be dragged into places we don't want to be. But there is also another reason to why we feel shame and guilt. That is--we will feel those feelings when we've done something wrong that was out of character for ourselves. When we've realized we've crossed a line.

When shame and guilt is rooted in respect, and not in a lack of trust and love, we will feel these feelings because we are trying to tell ourselves that we have done something out of alignment of self. We have affected another sovereign being.

If we never feel these feelings, it only makes us psychotic or sociopathic. When I was in high school, I threw a party without permission. After the party, the house was a mess and I had to clean it all up. It wreaked of weed and alcohol everywhere. That night was a mess and I remember having so much anxiety and stress from it...After everything settled and it was all over, I eventually felt so much shame and guilt for doing something like this. No one else shamed me or blamed me. I felt it within myself. I knew I had abandoned myself.

I realized that I SHOULD ABSOLUTELY feel shame and guilt for throwing a party in a house I didn't own. I should absolutely repent and ask for forgiveness from source for my sinning, my out of alignment action. To ask source to please show me where and how I should improve. Shame on me for thinking only of myself, shame on me. However, I was also able to forgive myself, and understand we all do extremely stupid shit sometimes and maybe say some of the most ignorant things, but we all want to learn the hard way.

If you believe feeling shameful or guilty will lower your vibrations, then you are already in low vibration. It depends on where the shame and guilt is coming from. If we feel shame and guilt because someone else shamed us, then that is artificial creation of emotion. If we naturally just feel it because we KNOW that we messed up, that is a true and genuine emotion and we should embrace it, acknowledge it, and send ourselves love. It means you have grounded yourself and that you genuinely care.

Let me know your thoughts.

Much Love,


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