Intuition to Fruition

Updated: May 23

How do I listen to my intuition? How do I know it's my intuition? Where is it coming from?

Intuition is a message from your higher-self to YOU. It is an inner-knowing and a gift. Your intuition tells you if something or someone is off, or if they are coming from genuine intention. It also tells you what you should do if you are feeling stuck and how to handle different life experiences. THAT'S WHY YOU HAVE INTUITION. You need a map and compass in this world of course.

Let's collapse out the saying 'follow your gut,' and I'll tell you why. We are always following our intuition whether we want to believe it or not. Our intuition helps us create and manifest our experiences and we are ALWAYS DOING THIS.

So why do things go wrong if I'm following my gut? Sometimes, the thing you want, isn't what you actually want. You think you want it, but you actually want another thing...or's something else that will ultimately make you feel fulfilled and satisfied on an even HIGHER LEVEL. Something that you don't even know exists until it is shown to you!!!

If you become aware of your intuition and when it is speaking to you, or telling you to do something--ask your intuition (or your higher-self) this one question:

"I hear you, but WHY?"

THIS TOOL I JUST GAVE YOU ABOVE IS EXTREMELY POWERFUL IF IT IS USED DAILY. Maybe you won't get an answer right away, or maybe no answer even comes out. It's okay, nothing happens over night because it's all a process. Befriending your intuition is a process. Trusting your intuition is also a process. But one day, you will be asking why and your higher-self will explain everything to you.

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All my Love,


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