Intuition & Instinct

Intuition is an inner-knowing of a certain situation that hasn't begun playing out yet. Or you get an inner knowing on what next steps to take. It's information in your mind and information in your heart. There is no reason for it, you JUST KNOW.

Now, we can have an intuitive feeling that something may have happened TO someone, or sense what may happen in the near future, but we aren't able to have intuitive feelings ABOUT someone, or ABOUT a certain situation, we simply cannot. When we have an intuitive feeling ABOUT another person, it is not intuition anymore, it is judgement. If we claim we KNOW something ABOUT a person, we are IDENTIFYING them instead de-identifying from any identifications.

INSTINCT... is our physical sense. It's how we react to our external stimuli. It's our physical reaction to certain things. Being aware of our own INSTINCTS also plays a part in sharpening our intuition.

A lot of times, we have immediate reactions to our external stimuli, even if nothing dangerous is being experienced. Becoming aware of our own physical instincts is also a powerful self-awareness exercise, and can also help release any phobias.

There was a point in my life where I was afraid of butterflies. Every time a butterfly flew near me I ducked or quickly ran away. I didn't know why, I just knew that I was afraid of it. My mind knows that butterflies are not harmful at all, but I still felt afraid. Constantly telling myself they were not scary DID NOT WORK!!! Other people telling me I 'shouldn't be scared...DID NOT WORK!!! Because I already knew in my mind that they weren't scary.

What I decided to do was, to briefly close my eyes if a butterfly ever flew near me instead of running away from it, to try and get used to being around it.

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