How to use Tarot Cards for Inspiration and Personal Development

How I use Tarot cards for personal development.

The first thing is to not use them everyday! Using the Tarot cards everyday will throw you off if you're using them on yourself. Try to use them every 2-3 days and only pull a few (~1-5 cards). I use them monthly on myself.

Don't ask the cards any questions. Just set the intention of using the cards as #inspiration, daily #motivation, personal development, etc. What I do first is clear my field, then I pull my cards. I'll look at them without looking for something. Imagine someone gave you a 10 page paper and instead of reading it you just stare at it because you don't really want to read the paper. Do the same thing with the cards, don't analyze. See what you're being drawn to / what you are noticing a lot, and ask yourself why you are being drawn to XYZ.

Ex. If you're drawn to the color yellow on the cards, go deeper than just saying 'yellow if my favorite color.' Ask yourself how the color makes you feel. For me, the color yellow makes me feel refreshed, energized, alive. But sometimes if I'm having a not so great day, the color makes me feel dull. I'll then ask myself why I feel dull.

If you're being drawn to certain objects, or people or words on the cards, ask yourself what it reminds you of, and don't write anything down. Ask yourself how the card/object/image makes you feel. Many times, we are thinking about a certain person or experience when we're using #tarot, and this indicates an area in our life where we are giving away too much of our #energy away to.

Using tarot cards as a tool for the self is similar to writing in a diary. When we're writing to clear our mind, we'd write whatever we want to let it out, do the same with the cards. Let whatever thoughts that come to you, come. Look at the thoughts and feelings you are having and question yourself. Questioning ourselves is the most powerful tool there is. It's asking the right questions that is difficult. Tarot cards are meant to help us through our healing and #development process, they are not a means to predict what is going to happen on our journey.

Let me know your thoughts!


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