• Emily

How to Unplug out of the Matrix

Matrix?! What matrix? There is a 'theory' that most people walking this Earth are on autopilot mindset. Which means the way they act, think, feel are constantly the same day in and day out... on autopilot! However, this leaves no room for growth and expansion on a conscious level. Because in order for us to grow mentally and spiritually, we need to be open to new ideas, uncomfortable situations, things we thought we'd never do. When we stay comfortable for too long, we are stagnant and not flowing, the energy inside you become suppressed, even dormant, until a storm hits and it's a hurricane of emotions rushing out. So how can we hack ourselves out of the Matrix? By becoming aware of our daily life. Take responsibility for the way we each feel in a specific moment when we are triggered, think a positive thought when a negative thought arises, and do something out of the ordinary to create change in your daily routine. Try these steps out below to see how they work:

1. Whenever you feel yourself getting worked up, sad, guilty, resentful, etc., notice it. Be aware of it. accept it, and take yourself to the side and take deep breathes in, into your stomach and out through your mouth until the anger surpasses. IT WILL! It may take time but trust that it will pass through you!

2. Do something out of the ordinary. Take a quick walk after eating lunch at work, listen to new music, dabble in something you never thought you would. This introduces new energies into your life and who knows, you may find a new hobby or activity :)

3. Give someone a positive comment, doesn't matter who! What we put out, we get back three-fold. By doing this, you are radiating your positive energy to others, which will also help uplift them. The favor will return in time.

4. Try to catch yourself thinking negatively, and whenever a negative thought arises, see the thought run past your mind and don't act on it right away. Start befriending your negative thoughts and ask yourself why you are having them.

These are all small changes we can each make everyday to get out of the autopilot mind. To access divine, unconditional love and bliss. Forgive yourself for everything you've done in the past and move forward and make positive changes starting now!

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