• Emily

How to let anger and resentment go

I was called to write this post because a lot of individuals out there have a lot of anger and resentment that lives within them and they do things to cause harm onto another individual because 'hurt people, hurt people.' However, since we are all each other in a different form, what we do unto others, we inevitably cause harm to ourselves--to another version of ourselves. So how can we stop spitting our anger onto another?

Not by meditating, not by forcing ourselves to be calm, but to step away from the situation, from the story and feeling the anger by ourselves. How do you want to express that anger? Do you feel like screaming, kicking, punching? Do that. Scream into the pillow, take a kick-boxing class, release that tension in any way without harming another person. Whenever I feel anger seeping in, I punch walls--literally. I screamed into pillow. I've yelled, kicked, screamed, cried, did anything and everything to let that energy out. There were so many times where I wanted to curse off the person causing me harm, to blame them for making me feel a certain way. And I quickly realized that doing so, only caused me MORE anger and resentment because the person heard what I was saying but wasn't listening. So believe me, I've been there. Then after I let that energy out, regardless of how long it took, I let it go, I meditated, gone within, and cleared out that blockage that was blocking me from living from a state of peace, clarity, and joy. And whenever that feeling came back up, I recognized it and it became easier to let it go. I had to cut people out of my life that wasn't serving me, that was causing myself to feel more harm than love. And now, I no longer feel the need to punch, scream and yell as often. Sending you all so much love and light on your own unique journey, bless.

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